Bandura Cyber Announces Strategic Partnership with Castra Consulting

Partnership Enables Automated Threat Intelligence Protection


Collaboration Will Fuse Advanced Threat Intelligence Gateway Technology with Castra’s mSIEM Managed Service Offering

Columbia, MD. And St. Louis, MO
– Bandura Cyber, which pioneered the Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) industry in part with the U.S. Department of Defense, has announced a strategic partnership with Castra Consulting Managed Services. Castra has integrated the Bandura TIG™ with their mSIEM services and have joined the Bandura Cyber Channel Program. The Bandura TIG adds significant value to Castra’s mSIEM service by providing increased network visibility based on threat intelligence and enabling users to integrate threat intelligence with mSIEM, adding orchestration and automated response.

“We are excited to partner with an industry leader like Castra,” said Todd Weller, Chief Strategy Officer of Bandura Cyber. “Our technology brings significant value to Castra’s mSIEM Services by providing enhanced visibility based on threat intelligence and empowering automated threat response. The industry need for an integrated and automated approach to cyber defense is increasing exponentially. This partnership meets this need at its core, improving the performance of organization’s security investments on a global scale.”

The Bandura TIG and mShield integration has three main elements:

Identifies Threats and Suspicious Activities by collecting and analyzing Bandura TIG log data in mSIEM.

Automatically Blocks Malicious IPs and Domains with Bandura TIG as threats are detected in mSIEM.

Operationalizes mSIEM Intelligence Feeds with configurable and automated blocking in the Bandura TIG.

“When mSIEM detects malicious inbound or outbound network traffic, it raises an alert. Based on the alert, you can define an automated rule or manually send the malicious IP or domain to Bandura TIG to be blocked,” said Castra Founder Grant Leonard. “We are proud to join Bandura with a partnership designed to reduce staff workload and accelerate security operations.”

Bandura Cyber delivers the threat intelligence automation and control needed for companies of all sizes to block known threats at massive scale, take action with threat intelligence, and maximize existing security resources. The Bandura TIG can process over 100 million unique threat intelligence indicators (IP addresses and domains) at line speed ahead of a user’s firewall. Able to filter both inbound and outbound traffic, Bandura enables organizations to better protect their networks from threats including network probes and scans, malware, command and control, botnets, ransomware, and other threats, mitigating the risk of breaches and sensitive data exfiltration.

The Bandura-mSIEM integrated solution is now generally available. For more information, contact Castra Consulting at

About Bandura Cyber
Bandura pioneered the Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) in part with the U.S. Department of Defense. The Bandura TIG is the most comprehensive, scalable and easy to deploy TIG platform on the market. Organizations worldwide use TIGs for the automation and control needed to operationalize millions of threat indicators blocking known threats before they even reach the network firewall. Underlying Bandura’s robust technology are more than 50 issued and pending patents. To learn more about how Bandura’s TIG reduces an organization’s attack surface, operationalizes threat intelligence and helps get more out of existing security investments, visit

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About Castra Consulting
Castra has a lengthy trail of success, benefiting thousands of clients. This experience is concentrated in information security, development and in-depth operational practices. Castra has worked closely with numerous teams globally and are highly regarded for technical expertise and ability to manage the most complicated implementations. Castra has built some of the largest SIEM platforms, managed/stood up numerous SOCs and crafted operational best practices that can be leveraged by any team or SOC regardless of size.

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