Castra Awarded MSSP Partner of the Year for the Americas

Castra is pleased to announce it has been awarded MSSP Partner of the Year for the Americas.

Exabeam, the security analytics, and automation company, delivered its first annual awards to global industry partners who are leading the way in support, dedication, and innovation.

Castra's MSSP Partner of the Year award recognizes its excellence as a managed security service provider (MSSP) who understands modern security challenges and offers first-class support at every step of the customer journey. Key award criteria included annual sales, support for growing market reach, exceeding enablement and training goals, innovative offerings, and providing exceptional value to joint customers.

"Exabeam is extremely pleased to recognize Castra Managed Services with our North American MSSP Partner of the Year Award," said Ted Plumis, Vice President of Channels, Business, and Corporate Development for Exabeam. "Castra has been instrumental in providing Exabeam customers with a highly capable 24x7 SOC as a service to help them augment their internal teams to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents and the sophisticated threats they face daily. Congratulations to the entire Castra team!"

"Castra is grateful and humbled by this award," stated Castra Co-Founder Grant Leonard. "Castra has had immense success with Exabeam and looks forward to helping our clients leverage best in breed machine learning and orchestrated response as we strengthen clients' internal security programs and improve their security posture."

Tony Simone, Co-Founder of Castra, also commented that "Castra recognized over three years ago that Exabeam was the market leader for all of the right reasons, and we went all-in with our portfolio and our SOC team. The analytics are second to none, which is why we adopted them for ourselves and our clients."

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